Unique Concept

Frosca is a unique concept that helps the retailers get more walkins in their store, increase their visibility and also instil trust in the customer’s mind.


Freedom to shop

Shoppers need freedom to shop from anywhere and not get constrained by a single brand or a chain and yet want the benefits of loyalty shopping and benefits accumulated. Frosca is the Freedom that shoppers always wanted but never had.


Gain as you shop

Frosca members get the first access to the best offers of retailers across the town and apart from the fabulous offers, get Frosca points for shopping at any Frosca Partner establishment.


Frosca… The true Value

Frosca is about transparency. One Point is One Rupee and it is as simple as that. Shop at any Frosca Retailer and earn points and redeem at any Frosca Retailer… No conditions attached.

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Concept – FROSCA
  • To give a loyalty plan to customers that will give them points at majority of the shopping and eating establishments of a city, state, country
  • The points accumulated can be redeemed at any of the member establishments that are enrolled with FROSCA
  • The FROSCA member will get benefits of discount, preview sales and loyalty points
  • Customer gets freedom of choice rather than the constraint of shopping from a particular mall or brand or shop.
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